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    I'm amazed at the incredibly high level of customer service, work and expertise I got from Abel Tristan. I'm the publisher of The Virginia Entrepreneur and my business is all about interviewing and talking to small business owners like Abel. I ask them about how they got started, their business philosophy etc. So I spent 40 minutes with him, talking about his business, business model and how he came to own his own business. He worked for the top glass companies in the field for 10 years before starting his own business. This is not just a job/business for him. He truly enjoys his work. He is funny, smart, talented and the best, most business savvy small business owner I've ever met in 30 years of journalism.

    For instance: He explained why he keeps the AC in his van running while he works - to cool down the glass so it doesn't crack. He offered me the option of hooking up or not hooking up the defroster, explaining that if the windshield gets chipped using the defroster may make the glass crack. He offered a lot of tips and information AND he did a fantastic job at half the price other shops in the area wanted! Polite, professional, just about the best vendor I've ever used. I would strongly recommend him to anyone. He will come to your home or office and works on ANY kind of auto glass. If you need a new windshield - anywhere from Harrisonburg to Lake Monticello, call him. He works his way over from the mountain every day and has customers around Virginia. He has one other guy working with him, and offers, I swear, 24 hour turnaround. Call one day and he'll schedule you next day or within 72-hours.